What’s the Best Amazon Keyword Research Tool?

Sep 10, 2021

Discovering the best keyword research tool for all of your Amazon product research needs can be an overwhelming process. There are so many different types of Amazon keyword tools and software in the market, and each one has a different set of features that may or may not work for your selling needs. We are going to take a look at some of the top Amazon keyword research tools, how they differ from each other and what notable features each of them offers.

In a nutshell, an Amazon keyword research tool will help you investigate any number of factors related to product and advertising research, from ascertaining keyword search volume per product, organic versus paid keywords, cost per click, estimated competition and profitability, number of sellers and brands sold, and top converting keywords. Conducting thorough research is paramount to finding a product that will be a success on the Amazon platform, as well as critical to helping sellers know what words to include in paid advertising, product listings, and backend content.

Many Amazon sellers need help doing the heavy lifting, and rather than taking a stab in the dark on a product or guessing at keywords that will put them on page one of the search results, they look for a powerful software solution to use that suits their needs. 

Keyword Research Software vs Amazon Seller Software

Although interrelated in the world of Amazon selling, keyword research tools differ from Amazon seller software. First of all, you don’t necessarily need to be a current seller on Amazon to research keywords; this tool can be used for those who are exploring it as an option. Also, as previously described, most keyword research software is used with two specific purposes in mind: finding out everything you can about a potential product to sell or a competitor’s product, or researching everything about keywords in product listings. 

On the other hand, seller software serves as a management tool Amazon sellers use to keep their online stores organized. Amazon seller software will help you keep track of every aspect of your FBA business. A solid tool will offer your control for everything on profit and costs analysis, automated features for repricing and producing purchase orders, modules to handle paid advertising on the platform, as well as keeping you updated on the latest changes in your account with notifications and alerts, among many other features for inventory and repricing plans. 

So, should you also invest in some Amazon seller software, and which one is the best for your business? Well, the first determining factor is if you currently sell on Amazon and don’t have any system in place to keep track of the day-to-day operations of your business, then the short answer is yes. There are many options in the market, and a few excellent options that provide you all the resources to scale your business.

Since we’re talking about Amazon keyword research tools, some offer management software as well, whereas others come in a neatly priced bundle with seller software. So let’s take a look at the most beneficial keyword tools for anyone from those already selling or planning to sell on Amazon, these are some of our top picks. 

Best Priced Amazon Seller Tool

As you start out, one of the more important factors when deciding which Amazon software is right for you is the monthly payment. A new business may not have the funds to invest into a potent tool, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still find features that do what you need.

Out of the top options available, the cheaper tool is Jungle Scout, although Helium 10 offers a free plan that can be very helpful for small business owners, and both SellerMobile and Keyword Inspector offer a free trial where you can test out all the features to decide if seller software will help your business. All these FBA seller tools are priced with monthly or annual payments to choose from. So, depending on your budget and goals, you can choose the plan that fits you best.

Best Sales Estimate Based on Keyword Volume

So, before we talked about the differences between keyword research tools and seller software, but there are some products that can do both or come bundled together for the best deal. Viral Launch is one of the more reliable sources when it comes to estimating how well an item will sell in any given Amazon category.

If you’re the kind of seller who wants a separate keyword research tool that is dedicated to all things product and keyword research related, then look no further than Keyword Inspector. Keyword Inspector helps you uncover everything you need to know about a potential product, featuring a profit calculator and breakdowns of the number of sellers per product as well as keyword volume and frequency, and every trend happening by ASIN with their reverse ASIN lookup

Best Variety of Features in Keyword Research Software

Helium 10 has the biggest assortment of supplementary tools for Amazon sellers, although a lot of these you may not find useful. After that, SellerMobile offers a lot of features as well as automated tools to help you streamline operations, and they are always updating tools and making modifications according to user feedback. Additionally, when you subscribe to SellerMobile, you get a discount for Keyword Inspector, automatically giving you access to two very robust softwares that when combined, can do it all.

If we want to define the one, single best extra tool available in these tools, it would probably be Jungle Scout’s supplier database, which helps make finding those perfect product ideas much easier by giving you access to American import records.

Wrapping Up: Best Amazon Seller Keyword Research Tool

As is evident in our overview, each software offers different advantages and the final decision of which to employ will be based on a number of factors such as your business size and age, budget, and what goals you want to accomplish with these tools.

Remember that some focus more heavily on the Amazon seller management side of things, while other features may be fully dedicated to keyword and product research, designed specifically with Amazon research in mind. If this is what you’re in the market for, Keyword Inspector can meet all your needs, and you can try it out for a free trial to get a feel for what kind of information you can uncover at the click of a button. Another plus? It comes in a discounted bundle if you pair it with SellerMobile’s dynamic seller management software to keep track of your Amazon FBA store. With these two, you’ll definitely have all your bases covered when it comes to dominating on Amazon.   

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