The Only Amazon Research Tool You Need: The New and Improved Keyword Inspector

May 10, 2021

Get ready to level up your Amazon market research and grow your business in 2021 with the updated and upgraded Keyword Inspector and its brand-new suite of cutting-edge tools. 

The original Keyword Inspector has undergone a complete evolution, and it now boasts innovative features and improved tools to help you better compete with other Amazon sellers. The revamped web app allows you to research potential products to sell, analyze brand growth and revenue, check out competitor data, optimize your own product listings, and so much more.


Why Research on Amazon?

Market research is important for every business, whether you’re just starting out or have been in the game for a while. Investigating trends on Amazon helps you better understand your target audience and what steps to take when trying to reach and engage them. Through market analysis, you will gain a better grasp on what messages to communicate and how to convey them. 

Meanwhile, brand research helps you determine the top qualities of a strong and distinctive brand. Studying various brands allows you to achieve a competitive advantage by analyzing product, service, and customer management strategies. Get insights on the top brands on Amazon and implement their strategies to help you grow your own business.

In order to push your listings to the top rank, you need to effectively use keywords. Quality Amazon SEO will help you gain more organic searches and boost your chances of ranking higher up in your niche. With Keyword Inspector, you can analyze and compare ASINs on Amazon product pages to get into the nitty-gritty of what makes a good product listing and apply your newfound knowledge to your own seller business.

What You Can Do with KI Enhanced Features and New Tools

  • Research Product Opportunities

Research products to find out what’s trending, using filters for price range, number of sellers, monthly sales, and more all so you can determine the best, most lucrative products to sell.


  • Lookup Reverse ASIN 

Perform reverse ASIN lookup to see keywords used when searching for a product, and boost your own product rankings by incorporating higher-ranking keywords into your listing to get your product to appear on page one.


  • Find Keyword Trends

Discover millions of top keywords with product data like search volume, pricing, sales rank, and sales per day to find products that are consistently profitable when you evaluate trends in keywords that consumers use to find each product.


  • Study Competitors

Keep your finger on the pulse of your biggest competitors and check out their sales, monthly revenue, number of brands sold, average product price, and more so you can stay one foot ahead of the competition. 


  • Identify Top Brands

Figure out which brands are dominating the marketplace so you can get in on a piece of the pie, and discover big earners with high-profit margins and add top brands to your portfolio.   


KI Chrome Extension

Not only did Keyword Inspector itself get a whole new look and feel with a fresh suite of tools, but there’s also a brand-new Keyword Inspector Chrome extension now available. The KI Chrome extension lets you examine brand and seller information in-depth, directly on the Amazon product page. You can also easily view product rankings and identify the most successful brands, while KI calculates profitability and reveals sales trends.


The Only Amazon Research Tool You Need

Keyword Inspector and the KI Chrome extension are the only tools you’ll need to optimize your listings and find the best, most profitable products to sell, so you can achieve higher rankings and increase sales. KI can also be a great compliment to Amazon seller apps available on the market.

Sign up for a FREE 14-day trial at and discover every feature it has to offer and start growing your Amazon business today! Contact one of our experts to schedule a demo now and see how Keyword Inspector advances your Amazon seller business.

Courtney Moore


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