The Benefits of Using a Chrome Extension for Amazon Research

Jun 4, 2021


You are probably familiar with–if not an avid user of–the Google Chrome web browser. But have you ever been prompted to install and use a Chrome extension? 

Browsers have come a long way since Internet Explorer. Offering users a more personalized experience while surfing the web, your browser is no longer just a place to fish for information. Google Chrome’s full range of integrations are captured in its plugins and extensions, meaning users can incorporate various productivity tools into their online experience without having to download a mobile app.


What Exactly Are Chrome Extensions?

Extensions are browser-responsive applications that allow you to extend the browser’s function and features; basically a bit of software that is built on web coding like HTML to customize and enhance your web browser. At their simplest, they allow users to modify Chrome for a more personalized, streamlined experience, from boosting productivity to getting organized so your work is made ten times simpler. To use them, you simply have to install and then pin them to your browser. 

Once installed, extensions integrate directly into Google Chrome and run in the background, which makes use simpler as it blends into your current tabs as you work, and you don’t have to install and run a separate app. Unlike an app, extensions are grouped into one file to simplify installation and integration. Once you install a Chrome extension, it will appear as an icon on the right side of the navigation bar, and you can organize, pin, and enable these as you please. 


How Chrome Extensions Can Help Amazon Seller Research 

One of the most important aspects of running a business is to find effective shortcuts to simplify or automate your work, so you don’t constantly have a full plate. As Bill Gates himself said, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” Consider an Amazon-specific extension as your easy way to do seller research, and watch as you increase efficiency and productivity immensely.

Every Amazon seller out there understands the importance of a handy tool that can simplify processes and in turn boost your bottom line. Those in the FBA business will especially want to incorporate any extension that provides them access to real-time data on Amazon products, sellers, and brands, allowing them to stay on top of research and keep marketing cutting-edge. Check out these various features found on Amazon Chrome extensions, that when coupled with your Amazon account, create an unbeatable combination so sellers can streamline product analysis.


Amazon Product Research

For anyone looking to branch out and start selling a new product, this tool allows you to get a much-needed overview on how well that same product is currently faring in the marketplace. When determining your next winning product, thorough research is critical. If you find a comprehensive extension built for Amazon research, you can access all kinds of insider data, including total and average revenue generated by other sellers, product best sellers rank, review counts, keywords for each ASIN listing, and more. Sellers looking to branch out and sell new products can make much more informed decisions on what will be the most profitable, and figure out where there’s room for competition and a lack of products on offer. 


ASIN and Brand Grabber

Scaling your business within the competitive world of e-commerce requires a lot of extensive research. You need to take a deep dive into product-specific details like average monthly revenue from various brands you’ll be in competition with, so you can break into the niche. 

Find your next winning product with ASIN research by analyzing current data on Amazon product ASINs instantly. Use advanced filters like the specific number of units sold or the revenue generated, to find exactly what you’re looking for in your chosen category and determine your next potential product to market. With a powerful extension, you can discover all information pertinent information directly on the product page, such as:

    • various brands selling the same product
    • all related ASIN’s on a single page
    • number of product reviews and seller feedback
    • number of ASIN’s sold per brand
    • monthly revenue and unit pricing data
    • Best Seller Rating per ASIN
    • number of sellers per brand


Revenue Calculator & Product Profitability 

Get access to the most in-depth information with real-time insight on profit margins and revenue calculations for a specific ASIN. That way, you’ll be able to make a well-informed decision, with a clear idea of how well the product performs. Using a revenue calculator, for each ASIN you can compare the revenue you would make selling via FBA vs MFN, by considering selling price, product cost, and various fees to give you a net profit.

A profitability calculator breaks down every pertinent detail you need to know before adding a new product to your portfolio. You’ll access everything from product dimensions, weight and shipping weight, to estimated storage time and estimated freight cost. You can evaluate storage fees based on season, FBA fees, and referral fee, as well as view seasonal net profits and seasonal ROI. 


Review Insights

Another extremely important area to focus on when doing Amazon research is user feedback and how satisfied (or not) buyers are with a certain product. To tap into this material, you need an extension that will give you review insights so you can easily sift through feedback given for the product. All sellers understand the power of reviews, good or bad, so access to review data is key when determining your next product. With an advanced tool, you can filter and view based on specific aspects like:

    • verified purchases
    • helpful reviews
    • reviews with images
    • reviews with videos
    • number of stars rated
    • range of dates 

Once the seller is satisfied with the data they’ve gathered, there’s an “Extract Reviews” button at the end, allowing you to download the results into a sheet you can keep and reference later. Super handy right?!


Keyword Research      

Perform extensive keyword research relevant to your industry and niche with an extension that uncovers keywords employed by other sellers in their listings. Do a reverse ASIN search to discover keywords for each product, both organic and sponsored, word frequency to determine the most common terms, and organic rank by keyword per product. Sellers will also get info on other sellers (top five competitors, for example) and the items that are frequently bought with the item being researched, helping sellers plan well and diversify their offering for the future by stocking up on items they know their customers are already interested in.

Install an extension that can do everything, like Keyword Inspector, which gives you the power to sort through the multitude of keywords and pull out the top-converting, most relevant terms with filters like:

    • Category
    • Search Volume
    • Organic Rank
    • Word Count (min and max)
    • Organic, Sponsored, or Amazon Recommended 

all so you have accurate, real-time data at your fingertips to fully assess products and their keywords. 


Wrapping Up

Chrome extensions are designed to make your life smoother on so many levels, and can unlock limitless opportunities to enhance your Amazon seller knowledge. As a business owner, your focus is to generate as many sales as you can and increase productivity, especially when performing research to strengthen your portfolio of products on offer. Trust the critical and essential tasks of Amazon product research to an extension that can handle it all like Keyword Inspector, to grab brands and ASINs on product pages, calculate revenue and profitability, as well as give you insights into user satisfaction. Take the stress out of research with an effortless Chrome extension that does the hard work for you.


Courtney Moore


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