How to Get the Most Out of Keyword Inspector Chrome Extension

Jun 17, 2021

As an Amazon seller, you want to be able to accomplish your endless list of online to-do’s without downloading a billion apps. Apps are great and can be helpful for specialized tasks, but Chrome extensions work seamlessly in the background of your browser to make your life simpler. If you want to research on Amazon like an expert, with access to clear data and efficient analyses, you need the Keyword Inspector Chrome extension.

What is Keyword Inspector?

Keyword Inspector is a tool that lets you research every aspect of selling on Amazon, from product monthly revenue to number of sellers and product keywords, all so you can level up your selling strategy and get your products seen on Amazon. With the Keyword Inspector Chrome extension, you can research all kinds of information directly on the Amazon product pages and export the data, making analysis a simplified and centralized process. The KI extension smoothly integrates into Chrome, which means you get in-depth data with the click of a button. 

How to Set Up the Keyword Inspector Chrome Extension


Downloading and installation is a piece of cake and can be done in minutes.

1. Login to your Keyword Inspector account and open the Keyword Inspector Web App. You can download the KI Chrome extension directly from the pop-up or dashboard.

Clicking on the Install Now button will redirect you to the Chrome Web Store. 

Install chrome extension keyword inspector

2. On the page that loads, click the Add to Chrome button. This will install the KI extension.

Add keyword inspector to chrome


A pop-up notification asking you to confirm installation of the extension will appear. This confirms that you are allowing the extension to access data on your Amazon Seller Central account and Keyword Inspector account. Select Add extension to proceed.

Add Keyword Inspector extension

3. Once the download is complete, you can pin the extension to your toolbar by clicking on the extensions icon, which is in the shape of a little puzzle piece.

keyword inspector chrome extension

4. Scroll to the Keyword Inspector tool and click on the pin to be able to easily access and manage the extension.

5. And that’s it! Your Keyword Inspector extension is now installed, pinned, and ready to power your Amazon research. Keep reading to find out everything you can access and how to do it.


How to Use the Available Keyword Inspector Features 

Once your Keyword Inspector Chrome extension has been installed, head over to Amazon to see how everything works. The combination of powerful features at your disposal is designed so you can pick your next winning product and optimize your current offering. 

Type in the specific product you’re searching for. From the top right corner, click on the KI icon magnifying glass.


If you’re not already logged into your KI account, you will be prompted to now. 


You may need to toggle the button to enable the extension. Then from the drop down menu, all the tools available will appear and be easily accessible:

  • Amazon Product Research
  • ASIN Grabber
  • Brand Grabber
  • Profitability Calculator
  • Inventory Levels
  • Review Insights

At the top of the product page, after searching for and selecting the specific product, the Evaluation Results will appear above the product, providing you with a breakdown of the listing and a letter grade to give you a quick snapshot of the quality of the product listing.

From the KI extension dropdown menu, the Amazon Product Research tool shows you all kinds of information like average Best Sellers Rank, average price, revenue, and more, and you have the option to 1. Export as image, and 2. Download as a CSV report.

On the far right of the Amazon Product Research menu bar, clicking on the settings icon will let you filter which columns to display.

When you choose the ASIN Grabber tool, it’ll give you a collection of products and all ASINs from the page, including the revenue for the various products, the individual prices, ratings, dimensions, etc.

The third feature is the Brand Grabber, which compiles various brands featured on the product page, and displays all kinds of relevant data from how many ASINs each brand sells to brand revenue and number of existing sellers per brand. 

Next is the Profitability Calculator. This takes every applicable detail into account when calculating what kind of profit you stand to make, auto filling each amount but allowing you to manually edit figures if necessary. Estimate the overall net profit, profit margin, and ROI so you can make a smart assessment. 

With the Inventory Levels feature, you can see stock levels, price, and ratings for each seller by product.

Next is the Review Insights tool, sharing important intel in how satisfactory the product is, with advanced filters to display criteria based on:

  • verified purchases
  • helpful reviews
  • reviews with images
  • reviews with videos

You can further filter through reviews based on the number of stars given or a specific date range. 

Lastly is the Keyword Research feature, accessible from a small tab found after scrolling down below the product description.

Once you click on the Keywords hyperlink, you’ll be redirected to the Keyword Inspector web app, where you will discover search word frequency for each ASIN, among other valuable data like organic and sponsored keywords. 

You also have the option to sort through keywords categorically, and check out the search volume of each keyword term, organic rank, and even get a glimpse into the common misspellings for certain words. 

If you need to do some serious Amazon research, Keyword Inspector is the answer. Try it out for free for 14 days to access all of Keyword Inspector’s features and unlock real-time data straight from Amazon so you can become a master at research and bump up your seller game to dominate the Amazon marketplace.

Courtney Moore


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