How to Increase Your Product Visibility on Amazon – Without Ads

Nov 18, 2021

Whether you’re launching a new product or marketing an existing one, boosting product visibility is a critical factor in the success of your sales. For new Amazon sellers, running ads might not be the most cost-effective option at the beginning, and the market is so saturated that sellers who are just starting out find it hard to stand out. Aside from sheer competition among sellers, big name brands and Amazon itself are your direct competitors, too. 

Here are some ways to increase exposure for your products, without investing in advertising:

Optimize Searches Using SEO

Keywords are the bread and butter of Amazon listings, as they are how people find your products. As a search engine, Amazon shows you the most relevant results based on the keywords you enter. This is where having a helpful, descriptive, and easy-to-understand product title comes in. Don’t forget to add in some strategic keywords and backend keywords within your listing to help your products rank and become discoverable so you can attract more consumers and get eyes on your listings.

Share Amazon Links on Social Media

Get more exposure for your products through social media and generate more traffic flowing to your online shop. Create content that showcases your products and provide links to your listing to increase traffic. You can also create promotional links and share them on social media. This way, you can help your customers get discounts on the product or on shipping, which will further encourage them to browse and purchase your products. If you’re planning to launch a product, you can utilize social media to build hype for the launch and draw even more people to shop in your store. Think of social media as free advertising that can create a ton of buzz if you leverage it right. 

Get More Positive Reviews

Customers often lean towards purchasing products with high reviews from sellers with positive feedback. Aside from getting recommendations via word of mouth or from friends and family, reading online reviews is one way customers evaluate if a product is worth it or not. They are also much more inclined to go for products with more reviews than those with only a few, sparse comments. And what’s one of the best ways to guarantee that you end up receiving positive customer reviews? By providing high quality products and going above and beyond with your service, you can make sure that your customers have the best experience shopping online.

Win the Buy Box

When you are the seller with the Buy Box – which is the main Add to Cart box for purchasing an item, above additional sellers of that same product – it increases your exposure to more customers and greatly improves your chances of getting the sale. Gain insight on what bigger brands are doing and apply these valuable insights to your own listings with the Keyword Inspector Chrome extension. Through the Chrome extension, you can uncover tons of beneficial data about top-trending keywords and best selling products, all directly on the Amazon product listing page of your competitors. Partner this extension with an Amazon seller app where you can monitor your pricing in order to compete with the buy box price, thereby increasing your chances of winning it. Aside from on-point pricing, getting the Buy Box also means that you need to maintain optimal inventory levels and provide stellar customer service.

Final Thoughts

While running ads on Amazon is a quick way to boost visibility, it’s only a piece of a bigger puzzle. You still have to optimize your listings, use the right keywords, etc. Getting exposure for your products is a step forward toward your profit and sales goals as an Amazon seller. Fast-track your way to success by using tools like Keyword Inspector. Amazon itself is growing and changing so it’s best to be versatile and flexible to provide the best service to your customers.

Courtney Moore


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