Introducing Keyword Inspector Amazon Chrome Extension

Picking your next product is as simple as the click of a button with the Keyword Inspector extension and all of its features:

Master product research on Amazon.

Boost your business with simplified keyword research, search term tracking, product profitablity data, competitor analysis, and much more with Keyword Inspector.

ASIN Research

Seller Research

Brand Research

Research Your Next Product

Choose a niche, search for the top products, and check their profitability. Find out where consumer demand is highest, and discover where opportunity lies.

Track Keywords

Find and use the keywords your customers are searching for so you can boost your own product rankings. Search for top-converting keywords andcommonly used search terms to optimize your product listings, and get your product on page one with organic searches.

Gain Seller Insights

Check out what other sellers are doing: monitor their invenory, revenue, estimated FBA fees and other costs, and more so you can better evaluate the competition and select potential products.

Pull Customer Review Reports

Find out what customers love and what are their biggest gripes when it comes to each product, so that you can better market your oroduct and seize the change to fill customer needs that aren’t being met.

Profitability Calculator

Extract key factors like product dimensions, FBA cost, and other fees for a more accurate profit margin. Explore different pricing points to get multiple results. Future-proof your profit by optimizing the price range of your Amazon products.


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Keyword Inspector is the only tool you need to find the best products to selland optimize your listing, so you can increase your sales and achieve higher rankings.

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